Nagpur Oral Cancer Care Center

The world cancer actually means “this crab has caught the earth by its limbs. In recent years the incidence of cancer has increased tremendously and thus it has become very necessary to think and to step forward for its amelioration before its attack. Not only in India but the whole word is suffering from it. In the developing country like India there are different types of cancer affecting various parts of the body. But the most commonly occurring one is the Oral Cancer. In recently done survey it has been found that the incidence of oral cancer is the highest among all. The cause being mostly tobacco addiction. To eradicate this problem government of India has taken a step by making a ban on tobacco sale and its use but in vain. Still the same is happing. In the study it has been revealed that the sufferers are mostly of low socioeconomic strata.
Most of the time the question arises why do they do so?  We all know this, then how to go ahead for its eradication. In medical science prevention is sword to parts.

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